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One shelf bathroom etagere, metal and/or glass preferred

I am looking for a shelf that fits over the toilet like a "space saver" or etagere, but need for it to be only one shelf (maybe 40" high) rather than a tall unit that is 5 feet or higher.

I think I saw something like this within the last year online, a site like Bed Bath and Beyond or similar, but extensive searching isn't turning anything up.

I've found some "low boy" shelves like this on ebay but they're wire and look pretty flimsy. I'd prefer something with a little more heft. Chrome structure with a glass shelf would be ideal.

Any leads would be very much appreciated!

Comments (6)

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Amanda G 1 year ago

Would something like this be useful for your situation maybe? Or a wall shelf.

Amanda G 1 year ago

Like this, but something that's not $537.

Amanda G 1 year ago

Would some kind of accent table work maybe? How high is the toilet over which this will go?

Amanda G 1 year ago

Or console table.

Amanda G 1 year ago

Like this. (Sold out)

Amanda G 1 year ago

I'm finding lots of pics of similar ideas (wooden) but nothing actually available still. :(

Amanda G 1 year ago

This is the wire one you've seen, I assume?