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Help Me Find It

I'm looking for gay and lesbian themed items, but nothing comes up when I search on keywords "gay" or "lesbian" here on Prowl. Suggestions?

I'm looking for something for my partner. I want something that makes an overt statement about being gay or lesbian, maybe something political. Funny is always good. And the best would be something that makes a statement about love and commitment without being too schmaltzy. :) I'm open to ideas.

#gay, #lesbian, #LGBT, #GLBT

Comments (8)

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Amanda G 33 weeks ago

Are you crafty?? :)

Amanda G 33 weeks ago

More abstract/less overt?

Leilah Peralta 33 weeks ago

Cute matching luggage tags for when you travel?

The Prowl Team 33 weeks ago

Sweet wall decor?

The Prowl Team 33 weeks ago

Love these cute Him & Him pillowcases.

Brent Cox 34 weeks ago

Woah. I love these!

Amanda G 34 weeks ago


Brent Cox 34 weeks ago

Awesome t-shirt. Also on short list now. :) Thank you so much.

Kate Ward 33 weeks ago

Hah love this!

Amanda G 33 weeks ago

Brent, happy to help! Found a few other things this morning, in case something else appeals too.

Sheri Reed 34 weeks ago

I made this for my BFF's house. Fun and easy to make and she likes it too.

Brent Cox 34 weeks ago

Sheri, I love this and will be ordering. This is going on my shortlist. Thank you so much for the suggestion.

Sheri Reed 33 weeks ago

Yay! So happy you like it.