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Help me find a gift for my husband for our 5 year anniversary (wood).

I'm looking for a gift made out of wood for my husband for our 5 year anniversary. I'd like to stay as far under $50 as I can; I already have a gift, but wanted to get something else to go along with it that satisfies the silly anniversary tradition.

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Jennie Canzoneri 49 weeks ago

Stay with me here! I bought a wooden frame for our fifth anniversary and printed our vows and framed them. One of my favorite "traditional" gifts we've given.

Tara O'Brady 49 weeks ago

Maybe one of these engraved muddlers? There's a lot of other options in this shop, too.

Tracey Gaughran 49 weeks ago

These cufflinks are pretty (if he has use for them)!

Tracey Gaughran 49 weeks ago

Every man needs a utility knife! Plus engraved!

Tracey Gaughran 49 weeks ago

Lovely ring - and the price is right! :)

Tara O'Brady 49 weeks ago

This coffee scoop is rather sweet — he'll think of you and your anniversary every morning.

Michael Stermer 49 weeks ago

A wooden whiskey bottle stopper that's cheap enough that you could still get a bottle of whiskey to go inside it and stay under the 50 bucks.

Amanda G 49 weeks ago

Buy a set of these, tie a ribbon through each, and use a permanent marker to create "gift cards" redeemable for things (as sexy or innocent as you want).

Amanda G 49 weeks ago

A neat little wooden wallet/card holder?

Amanda G 49 weeks ago

A cool wooden key chain?

elise blaha cripe 49 weeks ago

these wooden coasters are pretty rad... love that there are different styles

Leilah Peralta 49 weeks ago

Does he have an iPhone? Etsy has some pretty cool wooden cases.