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the prowl

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I have plenty of little black dresses but I'm really into green, emerald or deep green. I tend to like a more romantic, vintage-y 70s feel kind of dress. Have you seen any "LGD" little green dresses you love?

#dress, #green

Comments (5)

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Amanda G 1 year ago

Snag this one if you love it and are a size XS (apparently it runs large though).

Amanda G 1 year ago

And on second look the green may be brighter than what you're after...

The Prowl Team 1 year ago

A green jumpsuit!!! Paging Jaclyn Smith ... (Would you dare?)

The Prowl Team 1 year ago

Love this relaxed fit with kimono sleeves. Yesssss.

The Prowl Team 1 year ago

Pretty with a fitted waist and an ooh-la-la neckline.

The Prowl Team 1 year ago

Love this but is long ok? The V-back is lovely too.

Michele Zipp 1 year ago

Love long, too. Love this!